Digital Game


Today world is on its best phase of its improvement. Every country is inventing various machines & techniques that have enrich the quality of work of the people all around the world .People have got to use of the machines centric and digitalized world in no time. A start was given to the digital world with the invention of computers and also by doing some innovation in this newly invented machine know as computers. Today if we see 95% of work all over the world is done with the use do computers or as we call them PC’s. From all such inventions one of the most important invention which took place & also the invention which changed face of the world is the invention of internet.


Today everyone has started playing the Digital game. So if you see, In the present scenario we get everything right from a small hair clip to if we say a new car  on the internet platform .If a company doesn’t have any presence of digital platform than they are considered to be the least of all the companies . Today’s era is wholly based on Digital marketing   , Digital development & hence as everything is based on digital ,the present era is called as the Digital Era. So with the help of internet people have got the chance of expanding their business in lesser time .As we say that internet had brought the world closer. Digitalization has evolved as the important weapon for any country to show the level of development. As we say every coin has two side , the Digitalization has some disadvantages.


Not every company deliveries you what they show you on the digital platform .The percentage of cheating has increased due to use of internet. Secondly the as internet has brought some good things closers it has given emergence to some bad things as well. The best example of the bad things can be online crimes like hacking , cheating etc. The best Digital game is played by different companies in the field of marketing. Yes , marketing as we know is the core practice which every organization does . So digitization has changed the divination of marketing itself. Earlier in India where people were mainly believing in the in the face to face marketing had started using internet for marketing  purpose .The terms like Social Media Marketing, Search engine optimization, has came because of the Digital games . Many companies has made their name because of internet .Companies like Google ,Yahoo,Facebook,orkut,whatapp etc. haven’t been exist if there was no internet .

So today people are dependent on internet that even for finding smallest things they use internet. Doing right Seo,Smo on different search engines gives a company an competitive advantage .People do make a detail study of their competitor site on internet &  makes changes in their website accordingly .This step is done by various cosines to grab maximum attention of the competitors customers and try to attract those customers. Sometimes these companies also write negatives comments for their competitors so that customers will think twice before taking any decisions. The Digital games have reached at that level , where there is now no button for it to stop it will just increase day by day.

Blog post by Prem Parab – Social Media Executive at Tigri