Goal Setting and Followup Service for an Individual

“If you don't set goals for yourself, you are doomed to achieve the goals of someone else.”
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy
Speaker and Author

About the Course

Goal setting and follow up service is 3 month program to help you achieve your life goals by 1st identifying your goals and then tracking and monitoring it’s measurements.

Course benefit

Because of our self genes our brain is always tuned in to a radio station called WIIFM – that is ‘What’s in it for me’. This program is specifically designed to serve 100% of your goals.   

Pedagogy/ Methodology

This course is designed to try out multi-track in its pedagogy using

  1. Board room training
  2. Webinar sessions
  3. Conference call
  4. Followup calls
  5. Followup Emails and
  6. Collaborative tools


Breaking the myths and setting the backdrop

Majority of us have become blind to the word goal setting and goal setting have become passé for us we tend to think of it as a self help jargon from 70s. But even today it still rings true in its meaning of fulfilling your aims, ambitions and aspiration.

Workshop Outline

  1. Identifying your top 10 goals 
  2. Converting goals into projects
  3. Setting out structure for followup on goals
  4. Tracking and monitoring measurements

Who should attend?

People who are committed and willing to apply themselves to the training.

This training is divided into 2 category.

  1. For people who stay in Mumbai  who will be provided at venue training and
  2. Those who are remote  who will be trained through webinar

Is this course for you?

What we’ll practice:

  1. Identifying your goals
  2. Laying down the blueprint of how to reach your goals
  3. Showing mirror to you using measurements and tracking 
  4. Practicing various techniques of getting out of comfort zone

You’ll leave with:

  1. With our follow up service, we take your review weekly over email, fortnightly over video confrence, monthly in meeting. 
  2. You get a buddy (from peer) who will support you in your goals 
  3. 100% commitment from us to push/pull/beat you to reach your goals
  4. Becoming unstoppable
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