Programme Outline:

  1. Why do we sometimes feel like we’re working harder but falling further behind?
  2. Is it possible to achieve what we want personally and professionally without working more hours?
  3. Can increased productivity really go hand-in-hand with lower stress levels?

The headwinds we face in life today are formidable. Emails and instant messages come in at a relentless pace. Calendars fill up. Distractions abound. We are consistently busy, but we lack the sense that we are focused on the right things. We seldom celebrate real achievement. Home life suffers, at the mercy of the demands of our professional lives, and vice versa.

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 1  is a 1.5-day seminar that provides practical techniques that help you to get control of your world. You will increase your productivity, yes, but you will do so while maintaining a clear mind and the confidence that you are consistently focused on the right things.

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Day 1 – Fundamentals

The Fundamental Process – how can we think decisively and effectively about things that need to get done?

The Five Phases of Workflow – a model for analyzing and optimizing the way we work every day

Capturing – reducing distraction and freeing up mental space by ensuring you have a complete inventory of things that need your focus, from emails to important thoughts that occur to you in the shower.

Clarifying – efficiently clarifying what the things you have collected mean to you, and how best to move them forward.

Organizing – creating an effective, leak-proof organizational system, using available tools and technologies, that works the way you want it to work 

Reviewing – ensuring complete perspective on the moving parts in your world, so that everything gets the right amount of your attention 

Engaging – have the confidence that at any given moment you are focused on the right thing

DAY 2 – Installation Lab

  1. Setting up your GTD System on Gmail/MS Outlook
  2. Populating your GTD System
  3. Structuring your information flow,
  4. Applying the Five of Phases Workflow

    90 minutes online Guided Weekly Review will be held 1-2 weeks after the course.

About the courses

  1. Teach the best practices for executing on actions, projects, strategies, and initiatives
  2. Instill easily adopted behaviors that produce greater freedom to focus on the most significant things
  3. Eliminate distractions and noise, giving you more mental space for creative, innovative, and strategic thinking
  4. Build on the learning from the previous course
  5. Led by expert Trainers who have completed a rigorous certification program
  6. Presented through engaging lectures, videos about the best practices, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and Trainer demonstrations
  7. Delivered in one-day or two half-day formats
  8. Flexible to begin as a pilot program and expand
  9. Available on-site at your organization or through public courses held around the world

About the Follow-up session

  1. Short and fast moving to provide an engaging experience
  2. Reinforce the best practices learned in each course
  3. Dive deeper into experiential exercises (e.g. Guided Weekly Review, Guided Mind Sweep)
  4. Provide an opportunity to ask an expert Trainer questions after the course
  5. Focus on specific implementation options (e.g. Guided Setup in Outlook, Google Apps, etc.)
  6. Delivered in person (for organizations bringing GTD on-site) or via webinar

To learn about bringing GTD courses on-site to your organization, please contact us

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