Headstart’s Startup Saturday happening in 15 places across the country

Headstart has been growing strong in numbers thanks to the effort of all the volunteers of headstart who has help it grow big.

Below are the links for the Startup Saturday happening across pan India, in various cities same day almost same time.

One can mark their calendar “2nd Saturday of the Month” a branding synonymous to Startup Saturday a must attend grass root level event for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Themes for these events keeps changing every month check the links to find out themes for this month.

Sr. No


Registration Link

1 Banglore http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/513
2 Mumbai http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/514
3 Hyderabad http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/515
4 Delhi http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/516
5 Kolkata http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/517
6 Pune http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/518
7 Chennai http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/519
8 Ahmedabad http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/520
9 Gurgaon http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/521
10 Goa http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/522
11 Kochi http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/523
12 Navi Mumbai http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/524
13 Jaipur http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/525
14 Bhopal http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/526
15 Vijayawada http://startupsaturday.headstart.in/event/527