Workshop on Premium use of Mobile Apps

"I think smartphones are actually making people less smart (and, dare I say, stupid!)."
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David Wygant
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About the course

Today’s smart phones has processing powers equivalent to latest computers, they have capabilities of computing and carrying out office work. But most of us only use it as a device to make just calls and SMS. Many are not aware of various possibilities that can happen over these smart phones, and we don’t exploit it to its full potential. This training session is for Smart phone users especially using Android operating system to learn how to use your smart phones to fullest in office and day to day operations.

Breaking the myths

Technology is zapping towards us at an ineradicable speed; it took 75 years for dialer telephones to get 50 million users, where as a small gave like Angry birds (space version) just took about 35 days. It is expected that the next technological advancement will reach to us within a week or possibly even with a day’s time, are we ready to embrace it. Are we ready to change ourselves from being technology resistive to a technology native?

Training Outline

  1. Introduction to the concept
  2. Use of office tools over mobile.
  3. Installing essential pack of tools for Android
  4. Learning new tools and it’s usages
  5. Practicing the use of tools on improvising daily productivity.

Course benefit

Benefit of this course is that you are able to harness the power of office and productivity apps which could be installed on your mobile phone, most of which is available to you for free from market places.


Who should attend?

All levels of executives, officers and managers from different functions. This unique course will enhance both professional and personal excellence.


Notes, Templates, etc

Pedagogy/ Methodology

Lectures as well as at the desk coaching


Arun Kumar is an independent consultant and trainer specialized in goal setting and email productivity. He is a visiting faculty in few of the B-schools from Mumbai Welingkar institute of management, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of technology, Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management and St Xavier’s college, teaching Entrepreneurship Management, Project Management and IT for Management. He has total of 12 years of IT experience and has worked with Baan Infosystem, Atos Origin, Hurix and VVF. Arun is co-founder and director of Tigri Innovations Pvt Ltd company which operating in the domain of education and consulting. He is also an organises at Start-up Saturday Mumbai a meet-up forum for entrepreneurs and Productivity hackers meet-up for productivity enthusiasts.

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