What do you do in 5 minute pomodoro break?

Pomodoro breaks

What exactly do you do in your 5 minute pomodoro break?

As soon as the buzzer starts – Ting!

  1. You press save (ctrl+s) to whatever work you were doing.
  2. Slam your laptop cover down.
  3. And jump out of your chair

Fantastic – After this you are good to go for

  1. Bio-break / Loo visit
  2. Drink ample of water preferably 1 glass
  3. (Optional) Get a tea or coffee for yourself (too much is bad for health)
  4. Attend those missed phone calls your received during your pomodoro. Note if you foresee that one or more phone calls won’t get completed in a break. You can have a separate dedicated pomodoro for all the phone calls itself.
  5. Check your SMS, slack, FB messengers or whatsapp that is basically all your active messaging apps.
  6. Say Hi to people around you, complement them and give a quick greeting.
  7. Pick up you smiley stress buster ball squeeze it or juggle it up in air.
  8. You can sit on your chair, adjust back rest to swing back and lounge back with your hands behind your head and eyes close for sometime and think of nothing.
  9. You can stand in front of window and re-calibrate your eyes, that is do some eye exercises to improve your eyesight.
  10. (Optional if you some time) You can flip through articles from your feedly app or your can flip through newspaper (my recommendation Economic Times)

Ting! – That’s the sound of your buzzer saying 5 minute of break is over.

No matter what you were doing resume to your next pomodoro with laser sharp focus.

  1. If you were on phone call ask that person, if it’s ok to call him exactly after 25 minutes.
  2. If you were speaking with someone ask them politely – Catch you later. But if it was important and valuable you can dedicate new pomodoro for talk itself.
  3. If you have been sucked into forward jokes, cat videos or memes close all that shit immediately and get your ass back to pomodoro.    

Get glued to your seat no matter what? – Avoid distractions and interruptions. Pomodoro is a an uninterrupted time bucket which you have created for yourself. It helps you build discipline in your life and it’s all the more important in today’s attention deficit society.

Go ahead give it a try Download the PDF

(If the PDF is too much for you – you can ask me to give you coaching)

It’s like if you don’t know anything about cooking and even if someone gave you a secret receipt of shahi biryani it no use to you because you don’t know how to use it. You need someone to teach you in baby steps,  

If you skeptic, someone who has reasons like

  1. You don’t know how busy I am …
  2. This will not work for me …
  3. I don’t have time to breath …
  4. This is good to try when you have spare time …
  5. I am running on deadline …
  6. You don’t know my boss, my priorities changes every minute …
  7. I have to be constantly on phone …

To you my friend I would like to say this –  

Either you will rediscovery pomodoro in your life (and use & apply it the way it is suppose to be) or you will never know. But having rediscovered it you will definitely think – Why did somebody not tell me about it earlier. Damn It!. I would have used it in my work and studies.