What is Mind Map? and How I use it

Here is How I use mindmap for?

  1. At Lecture [For taking notes]: Whenever I have to attend a long lecture, I take out my sketch book, and from the centre of a page I start drawing mind map. In case if there are relations to the nodes, I use dotted lines. (Earlier I was using mindjet). I also mark stars or write AP(Action Point) for those things which needs to go to my to-do list. I doodle and use emoticons to express myself freely and make my mind map more interesting. In the end I use camera to take a picture, put it in skitch on evernote, before tearing the page.
  2. While Teaching [For doing revision]: When I am teaching to students, as a teacher I need to brush up the topics from books but instead of spending 20 minutes going through the text of the books. I glance through my mind map within 2 minutes of visual reading, I get refreshed with subjects which makes me ready to go for hours together. While lecturing I visualize every branch and node. In my mind map, also make special markings for cracking up jokes, stories and experiences.
  3. At Brain Storming Meetings [For unstoppable ideas]: When I am doing brain storming alone or with team, there are tons of ideas that flutter around, we need to capture each and every idea without judging or rejecting in the first pass.
  4. During Study [For magnanimous retention] There are few subjects for which mind map might not be applicable like maths, calculus etc. For subject like Science you need to try mix of text and mind map, why? because usually the definitions of various scientific terms has to be a single accurate text which is from the book. But for all the rest of subjects like history, geography and social science etc. mind map is just right.

Why mind map over text? David Allen Author of book, Getting things done. Explains that we human beings think in hops. Example If I walk past my garage, my mind will pick

  1. 1st hop: oh I need to fix the flat tire which has been laying around
  2. 2nd hop: I need to get the mechanic
  3. 3rd hop: I need to get no. of a good mechanic
  4. 4th hop: Bob told me he would give me the no.
  5. 5th hop: I need to call bob (Last Action Item)

These hops are nothing but mind maps, mind maps are more natural and intuitive compared to text.