Working in a Corporate world

As an MBA fresher and being a non worker, I was excited to make my debut in this corporate world. During my college days we had heard and learnt lot of things regarding corporate offices.

We also got knowledge about the working behaviour, culture, environment and many other terms during our college days and hence once you get selected for a particular job we start dreaming

about how our office would be, how will we work and of course all the things that we we had heard of or dreamed of corporate world. But to be frank there is a huge gap between what you have dreamed of and the reality. I am sure there will people who might have experienced these, and from all those students, I am the one who is experiencing it.


Today, when I am working in this corporate world I am expecting something different, something that I have never thought of. So during my first day to office, I was tensed as what will be my role, will I able to perform well, how will be my boss, what if I fail to perform and many other thoughts which was just going to my head . And its obvious one has that anxiety ,because it’s not just first day to your office bit it can also be said that it’s the first day of your career as well. So when I entered my office my sir wonderfully made me comfortable .He is the mentor that every freher would be looking for. He didnt gave me the space to think ,to learn, to work, and as well as he unknowingly taught me to love my job.


He told me that there are 3 parts of working that is why, what, and how. Why related to the question of why are we doing this task , what related to what is purpose off doing it  & how relates to how will we do that.


So while while doing the brainstorming sessions,we were suppose to follow these 3 part of why, what and how. But I had lots of ideas which I wanted sir to implement in our work.and the problem from my side was I was directly jumping on the how part and use to skip the first two steps. So here the problem was my over excitement. We in this Corporate world we need to learn how to control our Excitement.The result will be we can unknowingly go out of track and this may have effect on our performance. “So with being creative you need to be calm and focused as well”. That’s the whole new mantra of the corporate world.


The second important point is something which as a student we never ever had followed and after knowing what it is I am sure out 100% about 80% of students will accept this.

Author: Prem Parab, Social media executive at Tigri